Animated tiles… more or less

Tonight I wanted to make something simple and fun: animate the water tiles for DeadBox. I created a 16×16 image for each frame of the animation, eight in total. Each image is simply a translation of the previous one by two pixels to the left, in order to give the illusion of waves when the […]

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DeadBox tileset III

These are tests for the third version of a tileset for DeadBox. I believe this has a better polish than the previous ones. The fake “perspective” is a bit weird though, and the player seems to be floating above the floor rather than standing on it. Because of the weird projection, spike tiles had to […]

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Celeste: open-source Player class

Being a huge fan of TowerFall, I was bound to love Celeste. They share a lot of similarities in platforming mechanisms, especially the use of dash. It’s by mastering dash techniques while playing TowerFall with your friends that you become so skilled to perform seemingly superhuman feats. To see an entire single-player game develop around twisting […]

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DeadBox tileset II

This is the current “art” for both the tiles and the nameless character of DeadBox, in all its amateur glory. I tried to make it more streamlined than the previous one. It is also 16×16 pixels instead of 32×32, because I wanted to give a more pixelated feel when upscaled. I am not sure about […]

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Several years ago, I was watching a trailer of the then-upcoming game Limbo. I honestly don’t know why, but I heavily misunderstood what the game was about. I remember running to one of my friends, and describing him what I believed was the central mechanism of the game: You try to beat the level; Whenever […]

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